Our Volunteer's are our greatest treasure!




Volunteers contribute to the Vestiaire St-Joseph Inc. and the communities we serve through their availability, talents, skills , and knowledge and abilities. They:

  • Increase and enhance our services
  • Allow the staff to truly apply themselves to their work
  • Provide additional services to the essential assistance
  • Foster good relations between the Vestiaire St-Joseph Inc. and the communities it serves

Volunteers play a key role in supporting the employees perform their duties. Volunteers can work directly at the Vestiaire St-Joseph or at different campaigns, food drives, and fundraisers that the organization participates.



Those seeking to volunteer at the Vestiaire St-Joseph must be ready to make a commitment and respect certain norms and requirements. Volunteers must:

  • Be available for a 2-4 hour period per week. Volunteers are scheduled to meet the needs of the Vestiaire St-Joseph and are assigned a specific schedule;
  • Commit to a four-month or a 40-hour period to justify the volunteer training and to develop a feeling of belonging;
  • Be ready to receive an orientation session and proper training;
  • Respect the confidentiality of the Vestiaire St-Joseph (Sign a confidentiality form agreement);
  • Be bilingual, in certain volunteer positions.



The majority of volunteer positions do not require specific training or previous experience. However, the volunteer must:

  • Be mature and independent in order to accomplish their tasks, some of which have no supervision;
  • Be ready to work harmoniously with the staff and other volunteers while respecting the rules and guidelines;
  • Be emotionally stable and be able to communicate well with clients;
  • Be able to offer support.

The Volunteer's Handbook

Vestiaire Vounteer's Guide and General Information (pdf)


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